All that remains of a man is his good name and children who carry his work and history into the world... This is our beginning..


Our history

Almost 30 years are gone since we have been existing on the market This is really a long time and many memories. A family company, where the next generation takes over and tries to carry on the good run and work even more harder on its good name, reputation and recognisability on the market. Multidirectional activities,  huge experience, armed with parents‘ knowledge and wisdom, perturbations, we always came out with a defensive hand, reliable employees and a huge team of people work on our good name- those are our strengths. The driving force to our activities are challenges we meet, clients we try to satisfy, unpredictable situations and decisions that often have to be taken more than quick, and that’s all began almost 30 years ago.

Artemis Sp. Z o.o. with the main seat in Drawsko Pomorskie has been established the 15th of August 1995. My father has been in charge of arranging hunting for foreign hunters since 1985. This time there were 2 shareholders and since 1997 3 shareholders from Belgium. In 1997 we gained the concession from the Polish Environment Minister to arrange hunting for foreign hunters in Poland, which was and still is the main activity of our company. A sudden turn of events contributed to many important key decision. Thanks to them we are now in this place not only as a company but as family as well.

 Since 2006 Artemis as a company has only a Polish capital and shares are hold by 2 persons- 2 sisters. That turn of events has allowed us to get wind under our wings. We started making more brave steps in the future, realising investments to broaden our activities and services as well. Since 2010 we have our own hunting lodge ad a hunting shop with the permission an concession to sell guns and ammunitions. Hunting is and will always be the main direction of our company. 

Yearly there is more than 1200 hunters coming through our agency for hunting in Poland. Our hunting lodge should only be a kind of supplement to our main activity. But now the situation looks totally different. Artemis hunting lodge is an independent creation with its own life, good energy and routines. This was the main reason we opened us for more free time activities and collaboration with the US army. 

We participate and support many activities and evens promoting hunting and hunting culture. WE are dedicated to promote our region as well by presenting its unique environmental values. Who else are we? WE don’t say anything else here… Our cards will be opened on next pages. Welcome to Artemis.