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Artemis as a hunting company has been existing on the Polish hunting market since 1995. Almost  30 years on the market has led us work out a wide contact network and cooperation with more than 100 hunting clubs over the whole Poland.  In 1997 we obtained the concession from the Polish Environment Minister to arrange hunting trips for foreign hunters, what has been and still is the main direction of our activities.

Experience, reliability, individual way to treat customers as well as 5 foreign languages we speak in Artemis, all those things guarantee our customers and cooperating hunting clubs a certain level of security, especially when it comes to economy and payments.

A long termed cooperation with different hunting clubs has allowed us to work out and develop a certain form of rules, first of all when it regards summarizing of contracts, payments, preparation of hunting travel documents as well as the financial part of all events. When the season is over many of hunting trips are sold out for the next year. This is only a sign of a stable position of the company.

Hunting trips with Artemis

Unforgettable experience


Spend your time with people, who the same like you love, what they do.


Experience those moments with us, that will stay in your memory for a long time.


Feel the tension growing under your skin and use all rich nature sources

when we hunt

Hunting calendar

Red deer

Red deer stags21.08-28
Hinds 01.09-15
Calf 01.09-28

Roe deer

Female, kid01.10-15


Aries 01.10-28

Fallow deer

Fallow deer stags01.09-28
Fallow hinds01.09-15

Wild boar

Wild boarthe whole year

Sika deer

Stags, Hinds, Calfthe whole year


Raccoon dog01.09-31
Foxthe whole year
Hares and rabbits 01.11-31
Pheasants (Cock)01.10-28
Terms of duty

Terms of duty

Could it be that the only success of any company is the multitude of satisfied customers? Not only...Our achievement, since 1995, is the cooperation with more than 120 hunting clubs, who, in addition to our hard work, are the authors of our success and build our brand. It is for them that we have prepared the conditions of cooperation that constitute the guidelines and direction of our company.

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Hunting pictures

Full moon year

Full moon calendar

Although the whole world is chasing the progress and hunters enjoy their night optics, in Artemis we are more bound to the “Full Moon and the tradition”… The full moon, where many, if not the majority of hunters has been driven in sane, where it’s light  has given unforgettable memories, where the nights were short and nobody thought about going to sleep.