Roebock season 2017

Roe bock season 2017
03.09.2017 – is the day when we finally have finished the roebuck season. Hunting at the beginning of the season could have gone very bad. Incredibly bad weather – snow, rain, frost in the beginning of May were the reasons, that could indicate that hunting will be unsuccessful and a total disaster. However, saint Hubert was very gracious and changed the negative things into the positive. Hunters in ay have in total shot about 1300 bocks. In many hunting clubs shooting plan has been 100 % fulfilled already in May. 2017 is also the year, where we got a weight record- a Danish hunter has shot a bock of 800 g. However, the most beautiful trophy belongs to another Danish hunter, who has shot a beautiful irregular bock near Bydgoszcz. Some pictures from the season are presented below. Hunting in July/August has also been disappointing. One of the factors was weather constant rainfall was the reason of a very law roe deer activity in comparison to the last season.
We also have to mention a tragic day of the 11.08.2017 – where a violent storm, rain and hurricane destroyed thousands of hectares of forest in the central part Poland, breaking trees like matches.
Last group in September shot during two days hunting 18 roe bucks. What do we expect next year? Beautiful trophies, satisfied customers and wonderful memories!
Darz Bór