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In the summer we have different colors in our garden and hotel.
In the attachment new pictures from us.
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International Confrence of Hunting Women in Białowieża 2017


On the 3-4 June in a beautiful scenery of Bialowieża National Park an international conference and meeting of hunting ladies was organized by Alicja Majewska from the local department of Polish Hunting Association in Bialystok.
The conference participants was represented by Poland, Belgium, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
The full-day conference and meeting was full of lectures and discussions about hunting situation in Europe, associations of hunting ladies in Latvia and Estonia, hunting women’s role as well as future plans to promote hunting, prevent the action of anti-hunters’ organizations and future plans and cooperation. The conference was held at Żubrówka Hotel in Białowieża. Apart from the conference, a women’s fashion show has been organized on a catwalk promoting the newest trends in hunting fashion. After the long lasting but interesting conference an integration bonfire and barbeque has been organized in the hotel garden. The day after, after breakfast, all participants had the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Białowieża with carriages.
A feedback with some pictures of the event below.
We look forward to the next edition of the conference next year.


Visit of children from the primary school in Drawsko

Visit of children from the primary school in Drawsko

The 07th of June was a wonderful day for us in Artemis. We got a visit from a group of children from the primary school in Drawsko Pomorskie.

Children learned about work in the hotel and all responsibilities people in Artemis have. Due to the fact that Artemis is not only a hotel but also a hunting agency, children visited our hunting shop where they learned interesting things about hunting and wild animals.
At the end of the meeting we organized a small party for children with sweets and something to drink, where they took a part in arranged competition, obviously associated with the forest and hunting.

Props for competition has been provided by the Forest Management in Drawsko Pomorskie. We are very thankful for their help and input. We congratulate the children the great knowledge about forest, wild animals and plants.




Visit of A German Jazz Band from Bad Bramstedt

From 25th to 28th May 2017 we had the honour to host the band Esemble ”Stillos” from Bad Bramstedt in Germany.
The group came to Drawsko with a concert,  that took place in the Town Park.
In our hotel they arranged  a privet concert for the city authorities.
On the last day of their visit we organized, in cooperation with the culture house of Drawsko, an integration barbecue in the garden.  The guests had fun until late in the evening and enjoyed a wonderful weather using the facilities in our garden.
A feedback with some pictures of the event below.



70th anniversary of the hunting club “Jeleń” Barwice

The 12.05.2017 Artemis Sp. Z o.o. has been invited to the 70th anniversary of the hunting club “Jeleń” Barwice. The ceremony took place in the Dwor Pomorski in Luboradza.
Artemis Sp. Z o.o. has been cooperating with “Jeleń” Barwice for many years, organizing hunting for foreign hunters and participating in arranged integration hunting since 3 years.

Our company was one of the sponsors of the anniversary banner, what has been immortalized on the photography below.

Thank you for inviting us to this wonderful celebration.


Summary 2017

This year season of driven hunts came to an end.
It confirmed our earlier information and fears about lower population of wild boar in Poland.
It has become a political aspect and a political problem. It has certainly been a prolonged hunting season on sows, that has contributed to it.
Protests of farmers associated with the African swine fever, that has found place in the eastern part of Poland as well as the pressure on politicians regarding the reduction of wild boar has contributed to this situation.
Driven hunts presentations has shown a low number of wild boar in comparison to the last season.

Traditionally, very good hunting areas along the Baltic See cost as well as hunting clubs in the north part of Poland had often disappointed. However, unexpectedly presentations in Kujawsko-pomorski region were outstanding. »»»

70th anniversary of Foka Kołobrzeg Hunting Club

In 12 of November 2016 one of the biggest hunting clubs in Western Pomerania- Foka Kołobrzeg celebrated the 70th – anniversary of its foundation.
Hunting club’s area is around 19.000 ha big and they shoot more than 600 pieces a year.
This unique event took place in the hunting palace in Rymań.
Our productive partnership full of friendship with hunting club Foka Kołobrzeg has been existing in more than 15 years.
A moving ceremony took also place this evening. All members of the hunting club thanked for 35 years of productive work for Foka Kolobrzeg to their bookkeeper Tadeusz Bączek. »»»

Integration Hunting

Already the 3rd time in history an integration hunting has been organised. This time, the main organizer was a hunting club with name Jeleń Barwice. As every year in the hunting participated following hunting clubs: Oręż, Szarak, Jeleń i Sokół. This year, the 10.22.2016 around 115 hunters met at the meeting place in Kołacz. After the general meeting all hunters has chosen their hunting clubs, where they were meant to hunt and left for hunting. We hunted till  3.00 pm.
At. 4.00 pm  we kept a presentation in the hotel “Mała Wenecja” in Smołdzięcino. In totl there were shot 14 wild boars and 3 foxes . »»»

Red der stag hunting 2016

Every hunter associates September with red deer stag hunting.
A magnificent setting of colours has usually accompanied the mating of deer, where the leafs changed the shape and colours.
Often, the morning temperature dropped below zero, what caused, that red deer stags fought against each other and competed to attract red deer hinds around them.
September 2016 has surprised everyone.
The temperature by day has often reached +30 C and in the morning + 20 C.
For the entire month not a single one drop of rain fall.
The variations of temperatures caused often morning fogs. »»»

Integration Events

To meet the expectations of our customers, we would like to introduce a new package of services – social events.
We suggest you spend time with friends from work to integrate the whole team and make their work more effective.
The time can be spent actively – canoeing, kayaking, entertainment park, ski slope, depending of course on the season. You can also enjoy the time and relax in a SPA resort.
We offer one- and two-day events.
Our offers are prepared directly according to wishes of an individual customer and his expectations.
Following pictures show Integration Events arranged for a Danish company. »»»