Roe buck hunting

The interest in roe buck hunts in Poland is getting weaker. Our foreign agents say that their clients got bored with the roebuck hunting in Poland.

According to the information we have, 90% of our clients come to Poland from Denmark. They buy hunting basically according to the fixed price rates. Trophies are calculated sporadically according to the price list, and if it happens, there has to be an upper maximum rate on the level with the price for a 400 g

This significantly lowers the financial result. Just like in the previous seasons, the largest trophies has been shot in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie region. Though we can be proud of several gold medal trophies and an albino roebuck shot by one oour clients.

See you next year!



Sport arrangement with the hunting club Zbik Budowo

Herewith some pictures from Cieszyno. This is already the 3rd time we have sponsored some gifts for participants in the sport arrangement and integration meeting organised by the Hunting Club Zbik Budowo with the local society. Thanks to Radek Dominowski for pictures! We hope to see you next year!!





70-th anniversary of Polish Hunting Club Rys Stargard


The 3rd of November Hunting Club „Ryś” Stargard celebrated its 70th anniversary.
The ceremony started with a holy mass in a cathedral from the 16th century in Chociwel and a wonderful homily, that also should be heard by the opponents of hunting.
Our colleagues from the hunting club “Ryś” Stargard can be proud of two well-developed and managed hunting districts, where medal trophies are gained every year.
The hunting lodge owned by Rys Stagrad is not only used by members of the Hunting Club, but also by hunting related people, who want to relax in the wilderness.




55-th anniversary of the Drawsko Forest Management

The 29th September Artemis was invited to the ceremony of devoting the personalized banner to the Drawsko Forest Management. Artemis was one of the sponsors and the banner has been given founders of the banner on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of founding of Drawsko Forest Management. The ceremony began with a solemn mass in the local cathedral.
After the ceremony all invited guests marched to the local Chopin Park in Drawsko Pom., where the ceremony of devoting the banner continued. In the beautiful weather many visitors has the possibility to learn more about forest management thanks to the many interesting thematic stands and take advantage of many attractions organized and prepared by the Drawsko Forest Management employees.

Thanks to DSI for sharing their photos

Thank you for the invitation
With the Polish hunting greeting
Darz Bór


60 anniversary of the Military Hunting Club „Żbik” Budowo.

The 30th September Artemis was invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Military Hunting Club “Żbik” Budowo. The ceremony began at the “Mewa” Cultural Center in Złocieniec. During the official a history of the hunting club was presented, we could admire photos from the past and the celebrity was enriched by a performance of Canto Libero choir from Drawsko Pom., performance of the Polish hunting music band “Babrzysko”, several speeches as well as thanksgiving.

after the official part, all invited guests could enjoy snacks from wildboar meat, cakes, coffee and tea, where we in community could share our common memories and discuss the nowadays situation of hunting in Poland. We could also admire a beautiful exhibition of photographs taken by Radosław Dominowski.

Less formal part- a great  ball for all invited guests and hunting club members started in the evening. With tasty dishes, good music, evening and night passed too fast.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in these beautiful celebration.

Darz Bór


Red deer stag hunting – September 2017

September hunts for red deer stag were as the whole entire season rich on many surprising and not expected situations.
Nearly the whole September month was cool, which could have had a significant positive impact on the quality of hunting and collected hunting experiences. Unfortunately, year 2017 was a “very quiet season”. There was a lot of music in the forest early in the morning, but in the evening stags only “groped” and came very late out on open areas, where it was too late to estimate properly their age and  size of trophies.
We ended the season on September 30th. Just like during the season for the roe buck – 2017 was a year, where our record company was beaten. One of our customers shot a stag with a weight of 12.30 kg and scored 222 points that gave him a gold medal! An average weight of all trophies was 6.5 kg. The shooting plan has been fulfilled 120% – counting the number of stags shot per hunter.
We have to notice that the hunting law and hunting calendar has changed in 2017. From the 1st of September we are allowed to shoot no trophy games (red deer hinds, calves) as well as fallow deer. Will this change have a positive impact on our hunting situation? We will see it next year!
We would like to congratulate all the hunters who got trophies with home!
Attached some pictures – also straight from the hunting area!
See you Next year!
Darz Bór


Darz Bór 2017- hunting fashion show for ladies.

Artemis once again implements the idea of hunting promotion under the slogan “Dany Hunting”. On September 2, during the celebration of Euroregional hunting day “Darz Bór” in Połczyn Zdrój we organized a fashion show in cooperation with SAS Pro Hunter company. This was the first fashion show in our region. Following clothing brands has been promoted: Pinewood, Seeland, Härkila, Tagart. Models were our friends hunting women. During two shows lasting for 15 minutes, a collection of winter clothing as well as modern elegant clothes for women were presented.
Hunting meeting organized in Połczyn Zdrój was also reach on other attractions such as concerts, shooting competitions, exhibitions and traditional hunting cuisine where everyone could try typical hunting dishes. The evening ended with a banquet organized in the SPA Park in Polczyn Zdroj.
See you next year!
Darz Bor 


Roebock season 2017

Roe bock season 2017
03.09.2017 – is the day when we finally have finished the roebuck season. Hunting at the beginning of the season could have gone very bad. Incredibly bad weather – snow, rain, frost in the beginning of May were the reasons, that could indicate that hunting will be unsuccessful and a total disaster. However, saint Hubert was very gracious and changed the negative things into the positive. Hunters in ay have in total shot about 1300 bocks. In many hunting clubs shooting plan has been 100 % fulfilled already in May. 2017 is also the year, where we got a weight record- a Danish hunter has shot a bock of 800 g. However, the most beautiful trophy belongs to another Danish hunter, who has shot a beautiful irregular bock near Bydgoszcz. Some pictures from the season are presented below. Hunting in July/August has also been disappointing. One of the factors was weather constant rainfall was the reason of a very law roe deer activity in comparison to the last season.
We also have to mention a tragic day of the 11.08.2017 – where a violent storm, rain and hurricane destroyed thousands of hectares of forest in the central part Poland, breaking trees like matches.
Last group in September shot during two days hunting 18 roe bucks. What do we expect next year? Beautiful trophies, satisfied customers and wonderful memories!
Darz Bór


Celebration of the hunting club Cyranka Drawsko anniversary

Once again Artemis had the honor to participate in celebrations hunting club Cyranka Drawsko 65th aaniversary. The celebration took place in beautiful weather circumstances in a little willage Gronowo. It began with the st. Hubertus mass in the fresh air. During the ceremony, a memorial stone dedicated to the hunters who died in the past has been  devoted as well as a momorial plate placed on the hunting house belonging to the hunting club. The hunting house has been baptized with the name of the long-termed hunting leader Mr. Boleslaw Kostrzewa. The rest of the ceremony had a less formal charakter. Enjoying the rythms of the hunting music invited guests and the members of the hunting club celebrated til late in the evening. We would like to thank for the invitation!