General conditions of cooperation

The hunting agency ARTEMIS is an intermediary between members of a hunting club and foreign customers (hunting operators abroad and the individual hunters) and is responsible for organization of hunting, preparation of hunting areas and taking the report after finished hunting trip.

Foreign hunters are obligated to respect game law and the Polish hunting regulations legally binding in Poland. Shooting animals during the close season is strictly prohibited.

Each individual hunter will be accompanied by an interpreter throughout the whole period of stay and a guide/stalker in the hunting grounds, where hunting finds place.

Each hunter can take the trophies with him home. Relevant papers are to be issued before his or her departure. Should there be any import charges, they are to be covered individually by the hunter. The measurement and evaluation of trophies as well as weighting should be taken 24 hours after the preparation and shall be carried out in the presence of a representative of the appropriate hunting district, interested hunter and the representative of the hunting agency as well as guide/interpreter. Can the 24 hours drying period for the trophy not be kept due to formal circumstances, for example because of an earlier departure of a hunter – then the actual weight of the trophy (without drying weight loss) is valid and no further complains or requests will be considered. Should circumstances allow, complaints or any other contentious issues should be settled at the spot.

Wounded animals will be charged according to appropriate pricelist if the wounding can be proved to the shooter – traces of coat/fur, blood, pieces of bone, fragments of venison (shooting). The hunter has to pay penalty for shooting animals during the close season or without permission of the leader of hunting – trophies and venison is charged according to the price list + 100%.

If an ordered hunting has to be cancelled and the hunting agency will be informed about the fact later than 7 days before the planned arrival date, then the person, who cancels his or her trip will have to cover the fallowing costs: costs of stay, hunting organisation and costs of hiring an interpreter. Later or delayed arrival to the hunting grounds or an earlier departure do not entitle the hunter for claiming reductions in the costs of previously stipulated financial conditions of the stay. The arrival and the departure days are counted together as one day of stay.

Reservation of a hunting in Poland

In order to book a hunting please download a file „booking of a hunting” available on our web site, fil lit and send back by e-mial.

Hunting season for roe-buck in May is short, that’s why all reservation have to be send till the end of February. Bookings received earlier will assure availability of hunting areas located close to the border, resevrations received later will allow to choose among areas located more far from the border.

Reservation regadring individual hunting for wild boar, red deer have to be send at latest one month before the date of arrival.

Reservation regarding driven hunting have to send till the beginning of June. Till the end of September it’s possible to change the number of participants. In case if significant changes like drastic reduction in the amount of participants or change of dates will be passed to Artemis after the agreed term – Artemis is allowed to cancel the hunting and re-sell it without any financial consequences.


Hunter has a right to cancel the hunting without any consequences at latest 30 days before the planned dated of arrival. In case if the hunting will be canceled in a period of 29-15 days before the planned date of arrival the pre-payment of 400€ will not be returned. In case if the hunting will be canceled in a period of 14-1 day before the planned day of arrival hunter is obligated to pay the entire cost of stay and hunting organization. These rules regard both – individual and driven hunting.

The change of the date of arrival can be done at latest 3 weeks before the beginning of the hunting.

Number of participants in a group – regards only driven hunting

The number of the participants can be changed – the final number has to be delivered latest 30 days before the beginning of the hunting. In case if the number of the participants will be significantly changed in a period of 29-15 days before the hunting the leader of a group is obligated to pay the amount of 400€/person (pre-payment). Artemis hunting agency guarantees different areas depending on number of the hunters. In case of force majeure, in order to guarantee the best result Artemis is allowed to change the hunting area no later than 1,5 month before the beginning of the hunting.

The required documents

After receiving the pre-payment Artemis hutning agency is responsible to prepare and deliver all required documents to the hunter like voucher, a map with the location of the accommodation as well as all contact details (to the guide/translator).

Each hunter is obligated to make sure, that all documentation regarding transportation of a gun is proper and valid (europpen firearm passeport).

It is possible to rent a gun in Poland – in this case the payment has to be done directly to the owner of the gun.

  • The European Firearms Pass
    It is a required document by crossing the Polish borders. Artemis Sp. z o.o. wil serch for different arrival documents: as an invitation to the hunt (woucher), way description as well as the phone no. To the guide. The client himself has to search for getting a valid European Firearms Pass, which is a document to tranport the gun within the European borders.
  •  Protocol
    We advice all hunters to oversee the weighing and measurement of trophies before signing the hunting protocol. Please not, that a hunting protocol is a valid document to transport the trophies outside the Polish borders. When you sign the protocol you confirm that everything stated within it is 100% correct. All complains and requests has to be written down in the protocol to have the right to claim any refund back. If nothing has been mentioned in the hunting protocl, the client has no legal right to get a proper refund.

Practical information

Documents, that you need to get the permission to hunt in Poland (Don't forget to take the voucher with you while going abroad) are:

  • Your hunting license (if such is required in your country to have hunting rights);
  • European Firears Certificate (or your local gun permission with a gun delivery permission from the Polish Consulate);
  • Hunting voucher supplied by us (it explains the reason why you cross the boarder with a gun).
  • Guns
    In Poland you may use rifles as well as shotguns for most hunts. The major exception is that hunting on red-deer stags is allowed with a rifle only. Rifle calibers from 6,5 to 9,3 are acceptable, however most popular in use are 30-06 and 7×64. Using a rifle during night hunting: you must have a special night optic installed on the rifle as well as a pair of binoculars.
    If you have a European Gun Card, you are enabled to come with your gun directly to Poland. In other case you have to apply to the local Police for a European Firears Certificate or the Polish Consulate.
    If you would like to fly with your gun, you have to ensure yourself, if the national or low budget airlines take the gun with. If you decide not to take your gun with you, we may arrange a gun for you by payment, however, you must have a valid gun permission with you. It may be a shot gun or a rifle depending on what type of gun you have on your gun permission. If you have any question concerning the information above do not hesitate to contact us. We will try to solve the problem you may have regarding guns or ammunition, if you would travel with us.

Forece majeure

In case of an extraordinary event or circumstance beyond the control of Artemis such as a war, strike, riot, crime, or natural disasters is Artemis prevented from fulfilling its obligations named in the hunting contract. Artemis Sp. z o.o. will inform a client about it in the right time and offer him another hunting district, that represents the same quality standard as the prevoius one.

Driven hunting

Before the beginning of a driven hunting each hunter is obligated to get familiar with the safety rules and to confirm it by sining speacil file where all rules are included. The same regards a proper use of a gun.

In some hunting areas the number of available game might be limited (it regards mostly red deer stag and fallow deer stag) – the group will be informed about this fact and should get stick to these restrictions. Each hunting group will receive a contact in which the exact amount of available/guaranteed game will be mentioned. In case if the number of the available red deer stag will not be possible to be shot (mean – there will be no game in a hunting area to be shot) – Artemis will pay the compensation according to agreements mentioned in a contract. In case if the game will be seen in a hunting area and the shot will be possible, safe and not fired – compensation will not be paid back.

The group is obligated to pay the tips to the beaters – 10-20€/day/beater.

Artemis offers all kinds of accommodation. There are several possibilities: hunting lodges, hotels and private houses. We serch for an excellent standard and quality of accommodation, places with traditional Polish cuisine, that let you relax in a nice atmosphere after a hunting. Accommodation is included in the costs of stay. The additional cost is accommoation in a single room – the amount of 10-15€/room/night.


Penalties regard mostly driven hunting. In case if during a driven hunting a roe buck will be shot – the penalty of 2000 PLN has to be paid directly to the Hunting Club or to the Hunting Police. The same rule regards any game shot illegaly. Game wounded and not found will be counted as a shot piece.

Drinking alcohol during and just before the hunting is forbidden. In case if a hunter will be drunk it’s allowed to exclude him for a hunting – for few drives or for the whole day.

The same regards any break of a safety rules.

Artemis obligations

Artemis hunting agency gives its best to provide the best quality – starting from arranging the service of qualified guide/translator, best hunting areas, accommodation. We are also helpful with arranging a transport from/to the airport. Satisfaction of our Customers’ needs are our best motivation.

During driven hunting the guarantee is 3 shots/hunter/day, by the shots to foxes and other predators we deduct 3 shots/shot piece.

To the groups which are not interested in firing shots to roe deer the guarantee is 28 pieces/3 days – regardless the number of the participants in a group.

Other details are mentioned in a contract which is prepared for each group separately.

Other information

In case if a number of participants of a driven hunting (fixed-price offer) is more than 15 hunters – Artemis offers one place free of charge (Artemis covers the cost of the accommodation, full board, hunting organization and shooting – except red deer stag).

In case of driven hunting according to the price list Artemis guarantees to cover the cost of a stay and hunting organization for every 15 hunter in a group – the payment for a shot game has to be paid by a hunter.

An accompanying person taking part in a part has to cover a cost of an insurance – 65€, cost of accommodation and full board – 65€/person/day and administrative cost of 40€/person.

All issues will be examined according to the Polish law.