About us

“Artemis”Sp. z o.o. company started its activity as an organizer of the different hunting trips on the Polish market the 15th of August 1995 with license no. 71 given by the Polish Minister of Environment and the license no. 02/01 as a tourism leader given by Polish Tourism Minister.

Our team is a well-trained and organized group of people, that has a huge experience in arranging not only hunting, but also tourism trips – we speak English, German, Danish, Norwegian.

We work constantly with more than 130 Hunting Districts around whole Poland. Each year, more than 900 customers from the whole Europe take part in our hunting trips. The company has ist representatives in Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and Finland.

Expanding the profile of our company we have opened at our headquarters in Drawsko Pomorskie a hunting lodge and available not only for our hunters but also for tourists. It has 20 beds in high standard double rooms, with kitchen facilities, audiovisual room and a secure parking. The offer includes also a large garden equipped with playing ground for children, shelter and fireplace.

Additionally we have a hunting shop with high quality products like clothes, shoes, hunting accessories, ammunition and hunting weapons.

Employees of Artemis Sp. o.o. participate actively in local and hunting events both at home and abroad. In addition to the sponsorship of events we promote the tourism values of Drawskie Lake District. To the Polish tourists we offer accommodation packages according to preferences and financial abilities.

Hospitality cocts nothing!

You are welcom to get familiar with our offer!
With regards,
„Artemis” Sp. z o.o. Team