60 anniversary of the Military Hunting Club „Żbik” Budowo.

The 30th September Artemis was invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Military Hunting Club “Żbik” Budowo. The ceremony began at the “Mewa” Cultural Center in Złocieniec. During the official a history of the hunting club was presented, we could admire photos from the past and the celebrity was enriched by a performance of Canto Libero choir from Drawsko Pom., performance of the Polish hunting music band “Babrzysko”, several speeches as well as thanksgiving.

after the official part, all invited guests could enjoy snacks from wildboar meat, cakes, coffee and tea, where we in community could share our common memories and discuss the nowadays situation of hunting in Poland. We could also admire a beautiful exhibition of photographs taken by Radosław Dominowski.

Less formal part- a great  ball for all invited guests and hunting club members started in the evening. With tasty dishes, good music, evening and night passed too fast.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in these beautiful celebration.

Darz Bór